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  • 27 April 2022
  • Nucor Skyline 2022 Webinar Series

Steel Building Solutions - Above & Below Grade

  • Date:

    27 April 2022
  • Time:

    2:00 pm ET
  • Contact:

    Kim Olson, PE & David Borger, PE
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Nucor Skyline is changing the way you build, both above and below grade. In this webinar, you will learn how innovative manufacturing techniques by Nucor allows engineers to utilize higher grades of steel and reduce the amount of steel required for certain elements of the structural system. You will also learn how to save money, square footage, and time on your next parking garage structure project by utilizing steel sheet piles as the permanent walls.

Items to be discussed during this informative online presentation:

Aeos™ for Engineers:

  • What is Aeos?
  • Understand the manufacturing process of Aeos and the primary difference from traditional grade steel
  • Compare the benefits of Aeos to traditional grade steel
  • How and where to implement Aeos on your next project?

Permanent Sheet Pile walls for subterranean structures

  • What is a sheet pile foundation?
  • Why use a permanent earth retention system?
  • Concerns/benefits of using permanent sheet pile structures
  • How is below-grade parking designed?
  • Case studies
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