Nucor Skyline

Ground Anchors

Over the past 50 years, fully threaded, high strength threaded bar and multi-strand anchor systems with corrosion protection have developed into the most accepted and highly reliable ground anchorages available. As the leading steel supplier in the United States’ foundation industry, Nucor Skyline manufactures the most extensive selection of cold and hot rolled, high strength, fully threaded bars; available in both 75 ksi and 150 ksi steel grades.

Nucor Skyline offers the most advanced multi-strand ground anchor technology available in the geotechnical industry in the United States. In addition to traditional multi-strand PTI Class I permanent and Class II temporary strand anchors, we have the world’s most convenient and widely used removable strand anchor system.

Manufactured in the United States with domestic strand, heads and wedges, we supply the required jacking systems and the technical field support to allow contractors to economically use this technology. Already proven on commercial projects in the United States, a full scale experimental and theoretical evaluation of the system has been conducted in accordance with US standards by one of the geotechnical industries’ most respected independent consulting engineering firms at a location administered by an American university. This information is available to all, along with the technical support required for use of the system.


  • Highly versatile and well proven method of transferring tension forces to the ground 
  • Used in a wide array of installation techniques developed to drive cost-efficient construction in the geotechnical industry
  • Tie back installations eliminate internal bracing and rakers which typically congest the excavation. This dramatically increases the efficiency of material removal by the contractor during temporary excavation
  • Reliable permanent anchors, with decades of proven performance, allow engineers to confidently design structural and slope stabilization projects
  • Tie down applications often replace mass concrete, reducing construction costs
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