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Large diameter steel pipe is used for a variety of applications, including bracing, casing, jack and boring installations, sign poles, caissons, and combination walls. Nucor Skyline has years of experience in manufacturing large diameter pipe piles. From 24” up to 120” OD for spiralweld pipe, and up to 204” OD for rolled and welded pipe. Wall thicknesses up to 1” for spiralweld and 2.25” for rolled and welded pipe. Nucor Skyline’s large diameter pipe is manufactured in the United States from either steel plate or coil for rolled and welded pipe or steel coil for spiralweld pipe. With steel pipe manufacturing and fabricating facilities across the USA, Nucor Skyline can make specific yield strengths and/or grades for large diameter pipe projects. Each pipe goes through an intense in-house quality control process which can include ultrasonic testing. Nucor Skyline also utilizes third-party testing agencies, as needed.

Large Diameter Steel Pipe

Larger pipe projects leave less room for error — imprecision can spell the end of otherwise successful jobs and critical systems. Nucor Skyline leverages unparalleled experience to deliver steel products that fit more accurately, satisfy wall thickness standards, and withstand consistent use.

Versatility of Large Diameter Steel Pipe

Our large diameter steel pipe is well-suited to a variety of applications. Our project partners use it to create strong combination walls, wind-resistant sign poles, and stable caissons. It serves as bracing for jack and boring installations.

Our spiralweld pipe sizes range from 18” up to 120”, and we can readily fabricate rolled and welded pipe in larger sizes, with outer diameters up to 204”. High-pressures, high temperatures, deep locations, and overwhelming structural stresses pose few challenges we can’t overcome. Nucor Skyline’s US-manufactured pipe with wall thicknesses up to 1” for spiralweld and up to 2.25” for rolled and welded deliver without fail. We also perform intensive ultrasonic and quality-control testing — both in-house and through third-party agencies of choice. 

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