Nucor Skyline

Nucor Skyline has been manufacturing quality spiralweld pipe and rolled &welded pipe for more than 25 years.

Benefits of Nucor Skyline Pipe
  • Wide range of diameters, thicknesses and lengths
    *Spiralweld: Up to 120” OD / 1” Thickness
    * Rolled & Welded: Up to 196” OD / 2” Thickness
  • Immediate availability
  • Custom lengths & thicknesses
  • Multiple end finishes
  • Specialty fabrication
Benefits of Nucor Skyline Threaded Bar
  • Efficiency at job site and cost savings resulting from factory fabrication
  • Production schedule delays due to weather or laydown conditions are minimized by in-factory assembly
  • A much larger range of bar sizes than traditional rebar by reinforcing with Nucor Skyline Grade 75 ksi
  • Ease of crane pick up and lowering from the stable
Focused on Safety
  • Drilled Shaft casing keeps your crew SAFE by providing protection against collapsing walls or soils.
  • In-factory assembly of reinforced threaded bar cages significantly reduces risk of injury from on-site assembly.
  • Our pipe manufacturing meets the following (welding) specification requirements:
    • AWS D1.1 Full Penetration
    • Accepted by DOTs in Seismically Active Areas
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