Nucor Skyline

Nucor Skyline produces welded steel line pipe, both spiralweld and rolled and welded, in lengths from 30’ to 60’ and wall thicknesses from .250 inches to 2.0 inches. These line pipes, often used to transfer liquid and air, meet the following standards: AWWA C200, ASTM 139, ASTM 134, and ASTM 135.

Steel pipe has many advantages to offer, including strength and weight, ease of installation, and cost. 

Nucor Skyline is SPFA certified and produces 18” OD to 90” OD hydrotested line pipe using a double submerged arc weld process for a variety of applications, including but not limited to, water transmission pipelines, slurry pipelines, gravity sewer mains, sewer force mains, intake and outfall lines, and raw water lines. Recently, Nucor Skyline’s line pipe has been used for water pipelines in both New York City and Texas. 

Nucor Skyline has the ability to machine bevel steel pipe ends, which produces a much cleaner edge on the finished product. Line pipe can also be coated and lined and undergoes UT testing, in addition to the hydrotesting.

With steel line pipe manufacturing and stocking locations across North America, Nucor Skyline has the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver line pipe by truck, rail, or barge to partners across the country.

Ecologically responsible, fiscally sound resource management is only possible with the right infrastructure. Unfortunately, you don't have to look far to find examples that fall short of the ideal — many of which center around the use of substandard pipe.

Nucor Skyline is transforming how private entities and municipal stakeholders manage the critical resources that advance our shared quality of life. Our welded steel line pipe raises the standard, no matter whether you use it for sewer, water, slurry, or other applications.

Diverse Steel Pipe Products

Every job demands specialized hardware, and failing to use the right products yields disastrous results. We've developed an extensive tooling line that produces highly performant pipe.

Regardless of what your target use entails, we have a solution made to match. Our spiral-welded products permit the easy creation of line pipes in numerous diameters accepted for use in seismically active zones, and our rolled and welded products are ideal for applications that require incredibly thick walls. What's more, we can

  • Produce a range of lengths from 30 feet (9.14 m) to 60 feet (18.29 m)

  • Create custom-cut ends for simplified on-site joining

  • Deliver pipe with 18-inch to 90-inch outer diameters

  • Fabricate spotless bevel ends that make installation and fitting more manageable

  • Offer precise-tolerance wall thicknesses from 0.250 inches (6.35 mm) to 2.0 inches (5.08 cm).


Quality Oversight Fit for Global Applications

With Nucor Skyline line pipe, builders can readily meet stringent code, environmental, and safety requirements. Simply let us know which industry standard your line pipe needs to meet, and we'll comply with AWWA C200, ASTM 139, ASTM 134, or ASTM 135 products that fit the bill.

Need a coating or lining? Our in-house specialists can apply surface treatments and perform ultrasonic testing that ensures perfect results.

As an SPFA-certified enterprise, we're qualified to serve the water market with pipe that government stakeholders and end-users can depend on. Our engineering is here to help you with your design needs. We take pride in knowing our products are keeping the water flowing to some of North America's most demanding populations.

We take great pains to ensure the quality of our work. From maintaining stringent fabrication controls during the double-submerged arc weld process to hydro-testing every pipe that rolls off our production line, we're committed to producing infrastructure components that won't quit under harsh conditions.


When the Pressure Rises, Professionals Trust Nucor Skyline

Line pipe isn't just for standard water transmission. It also has to beat the odds in gravity sewer mains, sewer force mains, intake and outfall lines, potentially hazardous raw water lines, and a host of other applications.

No project timeline is too sudden, and no requirement is too demanding. With steel line pipe manufacturing and stocking locations across North America, Nucor Skyline quickly and efficiently delivers to any job site. Whether it reaches you by truck, rail, or barge, you're only a click away from the world's leading line pipe, so reach out now.

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