Nucor Skyline

Line Pipe

Welded steel pipe provides an effective method for transporting liquids, air, and gas. Steel Pipe is pound per pound stronger than any other type of line pipe. Pipe can be designed to handle both the internal and external pressures of most applications. Welded steel pipe offers many advantages, such as: strength, economy and ease of installation. Nucor Skyline is SPFA certified and manufactures hydrostatically tested pipe in outside diameters ranging from 10-3/4" – 90". Our production process utilizes a double submerged arc weld process in both spiralweld and rolled & welded pipe. Hydrostatically tested pipe lengths range from 30' – 60', wall thicknesses from 0.250" – 2.0" wall and produced to one of the following industry standards: AWWA C200/ASTM A139/ASTM A134

Properties of Nucor Skyline Line Pipe

Length: 30' - 160' for spiralweld and rolled & welded pipe
Wall Thickness: 0.25" - 2"

Applications of Line Pipe

Sewer & Wastewater

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