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Steel beams are a popular choice for bearing piles for bridges, buildings, stadiums, and industrial structures. The same properties that make them suitable for large structures also make them useful for some of the most lightly loaded, yet extensive structures currently being built, such as solar arrays.

Advantages of Steel Beams

Beams have several advantages over other structural elements when being used as piles for solar structures.

  • Steel beams are strong and the geometric center of the pile is the same as the mass center.
  • Easy to drive through a wide variety of soil conditions that can be seen on expansive sites.
  • The flat surface of the flange and web of beams makes it easy to connect the super structure to the pile with a wide variety of bolt patterns.
  • The beams are available in a multitude of steel grades and shapes to accommodate the loads and soil conditions of a particular site.
  • Solar beams can be orientated so the strong axis carries the large lateral load, as most of the stress in solar piles is due to the wind load on the large sail created by the panels.
  • Ease of transportation due to ability to bundle and stack efficently

Nucor Skyline is a proven leader in North America’s structural and foundation industries as a supplier of beams for various applications. Through its extensive network of manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, we are able to provide beams for any project, public or private.

  • Wide range of beam sizes and weights
  • Custom lengths manufactured according to your specifications
  • Fabrication services to meet all your project requirements
  • Multiple stocking locations throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Engineering support throughout the entire project life cycle
  • Your all-encompassing structural and foundation steel solutions partner
Case Study: WPL Solar Project

Case Study: WPL Solar Project

Learn how the Nucor Solar Solutions are being used to help generate power in WI.  

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Datasheet: Solar Solutions

Datasheet: Solar Solutions

Get all of the technical specs for beams for your solar foundations.  

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Steel Beam Brochure

Steel Beam Brochure

Learn about our complete line of h-pile and wide flange beams. 

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