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Beam and lagging walls, also called soldier pile walls, are often used in deep excavation projects for earth retention. They are a cost-effective support for the excavation system used in soils above the water table. 

Nucor Skyline produces the beams used in beam and lagging excavation systems, most often either H-piles or wide flange beams. These beams are drilled or driven into the ground at regular intervals, then wood lagging beams for temporary walls or precast concrete slabs for permanent walls are installed between the flanges of the steel beams. These horizontal supports fill the gap, helping to transfer the soil pressure to the beam. 

Beam and lagging walls can be used with or without tiebacks and can be used in deep excavation sites up to 70 feet deep. If additional support is needed, bracing, anchors, tiebacks, or walers are installed through the lagging, or through pipe pockets within the steel support beams.

Deep Excavations are Easier with Better Beam and Lagging Components

Deep excavation projects revolve around tailormade earth retention elements. Beam-and-lagging, also referred to as soldier pile, walls not only support the excavation system, but play a big role in the safety of an excavation site.

Complete Soldier Pile Wall Systems

At Nucor Skyline, we produce a variety of durable H-pile and wide flange beams for soldier pile or beam and lagging walls. Thanks to our attention to detail and manufacturing consistency, our partners can easily drill or drive these heavy steel components into the ground at regularly spaced intervals. From there, they typically install temporary wood lagging beams or permanent precast concrete elements to evenly transfer soil pressure and reduce the incidence of failure points.

Our soldier pile wall hardware is compatible with tiebacks and rated for excavation applications as deep as 70". These highly compatible systems also work with bracing, anchors, and walers in less-than-favorable conditions. To learn more, talk to a Nucor Skyline expert.

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