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Nucor Skyline is the complete source for anchor bolts and accessories. We provide North America's most advanced construction projects with tower bolts and foundation anchors that let engineers and builders solve complex challenges while outperforming expectations.

Rock Bolts and Anchor Bolts

Rock bolts support the face of a rock slope or cut. When securing the face of an excavation, rock bolts are used to support the unstable rock on the surface to the more stable rock behind the excavation. Roof bolts anchor the overhead portion of the tunnel excavation to the more stable rock above it. Anchor bolts serve to connect a structure to its foundation and can be used when securing wind turbines, tower structures, signposts, stairways, and buildings.

Advantages of Rock Bolts and Anchor Bolts

  • Nucor Skyline has threaded bar rolling facilities that manufacture anchor bolts to strict tolerances
  • Large diameter anchor bolts can be designed to meet minimum yield strengths of up to 847 kips, with an ultimate strength of 1,059 kips or over 500 tons

Applications of Rock Bolts and Anchor Bolts

  • Wind Turbine Anchor Bolts
  • Utility Tower Anchor Bolts
  • Sloped Surface and Rock Face Stabilization

Nucor Skyline Anchor Bolts Make Structural Stability a Given 

Building better engineering projects starts with using superior structural technology. Nucor Skyline threaded bar, hardware, and accessories are rigorously designed, expertly fabricated, and adhere to strict quality control guidelines to ensure they meet the most demanding requirements without faltering.

Nucor Skyline anchor bolts are also an essential element in countless rock-face stabilization projects across North America. They permit the reinforcement of sloped surface layers in projects such as excavations — where the most stable rock lies behind the exposed surface and shallow aggregates. By forming a reliable connection between these outer layers and the steadier materials below, Nucor Skyline hardware dramatically increases the viability, safety, and cost-efficiency of projects that push modern geotechnical engineering to its limits.

Could Nucor Skyline Anchor Bolts Shore Up Your Next Project?

Whether you're building a utility tower, blazing a path for a new transit route, or temporarily stabilizing a rock face to improve worksite safety, Nucor Skyline's anchor bolts improve your odds of creating something that lasts. With an experienced production team that specializes in helping North America's construction leaders, we're proud to offer a comprehensive selection of anchor bolts and bar reinforcing accessories. Find out how we can make your next engineering project more structurally sound by getting in touch with a Nucor Skyline representative today.

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