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Steel Tie Rods

Threaded bars from Nucor Skyline are ideal as tie rods for steel retaining walls. In addition to being the North American market leader in steel sheet piling, Nucor Skyline also manufactures and supplies several types of tie rods. Continuously threaded cold rolled bar is made at our manufacturing facilities. Skyline works with Nucor to supply hot rolled threaded bar. The tie rods supplied by Skyline give our customers the widest range of choices and the best value in the industry.

Advantages of Tie Rods

Cold Rolled Bars – ASTM A615 Gr. 80

  • Manufactured in the USA by Nucor Skyline
  • Continuously threaded for easy cutting and coupling
  • Rolled thread reduces local stress peaks
  • 1.75 in. – 3.5 in. diameter
  • 36 – 432 k allowable strength range

Hot Rolled Bars – ASTM A615 Gr. 80

  • Manufactured in the USA by Nucor
  • Continuously threaded for easy cutting and coupling
  • Robust threads that will not jam
  • 0.75 in. – 2.5 in. diameter
  • 20 – 101 k allowable strength range

Applications of Tie Rods

  • Marine Bulkheads
  • Earth Retaining Walls
  • Bridge Abutments and Roadways
  • Structural Ties (in slab)

Tie Rods for Combined Wall Systems

Combined wall systems usually require long, heavy tie rods. Most combined wall systems also have a lot of fill placed behind the wall and over the anchorage system. This fill, often placed over marine deposits, can cause settlement of the anchorage system. Tie rods are designed to take tension loads. The settlement of the bar or the deadman wall can put bending loads into the bars and increase the stresses significantly. Common solutions for this are to support the anchorage system, increase the cross-section area of the bar, or provide a means of articulation for the tie rod.

Supporting the anchorage system is sometimes done with bearing piles and horizontal support beams. This system can reduce the bending in the bars, but it is also expensive and requires tight tolerances on the elevations of the support structure.

Tie Rod Bar Systems

When seawalls and retaining walls experience extreme stresses, it is the tie rod bar system that helps keep them steady. Although they remain hidden from sight, steel tie rods keep these structures upright and able to withstand the forces of groundwater, expansive soil pressure, and other destructive forces.

The team at Nucor Skyline understands the critical importance of helping loaded structures stand tall. Our steel systems make it possible for builders to rapidly install, test, and maintain walls that can’t afford to lean, or even collapse. We supply a variety of thread bars that will allow your projects to survive harsh conditions in any environment.

Tie backs: An efficient and safe solution

Tieback rods are physically sound solutions for increasing the structural stability of walls. In most cases, they are installed horizontally, or at an angle, to link outer structural elements to more solid deadman walls, walers, and deep foundation elements embedded within the ground.

Whereas a standard wall might only be anchored to the ground by its bottom foundations, tiebacks permit the entire structural face to remain rooted using proven principles. Without tiebacks, walls that meet the soil could shift and lean every time groundwater builds up following an extra-heavy rainfall. Seawalls that provide critical environmental protection could fail to prevent erosion.

From keeping the earth firm around skyscrapers to ensuring people can enjoy pristine coastlines for generations to come, sound tieback systems are essential to structural longevity.

Nucor Skyline manufactures several types of steel tieback rods and anchors that meet the specifications of the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI). Thanks to a tightly managed distribution network and our fabrication facilities, we can supply your geotechnical project needs efficiently to your jobsite.

A Comprehensive System of Tie back Products 

Our production lines offer a vast hardware selection to complement our threaded bar systems. With a decade of smart engineering and fabrication practice, we can create bars, nut caps, couplers, and washers in a range of styles to accommodate any project. What’s more, our quality controlled manufacturing standards let us satisfy any custom request, including applying hot-dip galvanization, epoxy coating, specialty corrosion protection, and cost-saving modifications.

Contact your Nucor Skyline representative to find out available grades for the ideal yield strength or discuss how to customize your preferred right-or left-handed threading for seamless anchor installation and error-free construction. With Nucor Skyline, it’s never been simpler to keep walls in place, regardless of how the situations demands you build them.

Build a More Secure Future with Nucor Skyline

High-quality steel tie backs are just one part of long-lasting construction projects, but they are among the most mission-critical. Working with Nucor Skyline makes it simple to integrate sound engineering principles into your methodology. From helping you select the ideal rod for a particular application, to ensuring you have the knowledge to pre-load and test with confidence, we enable you to create stronger, more reliable structures in the face of constraining requirements.

Build something that lives up to – and outlives – your bold geotechnical vision. Discover how Nucor Skyline all-steel tieback systems can help your project succeed by getting in touch with our experts.

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